Director: Ryan Fitzgerald (@rk.fitzgerald)

Starring: Ashlee Anne (@chameleon_creature)

Edited by: Kristen Hilkert (@kristenhilkert)

Director of Photography: Ryan Fitzgerald (@rk.fitzgerald)

In Blue Video

Director: Paul Boyd (@pauldirects)

Femme Fatale: Ashlee Anne (@chameleon_creature)

John: Micah Fitzgerald (@micahfitzgerald)

Director of Photography: Ryan Fitzgerald (@rk.fitzgerald)

Lingerie: Hopeless Lingerie (@hopelesslingerie)

About Slow Shiver

Slow Shiver’s cinematic style, intimate voice and simple true lyrics, are an almost obvious byproduct of his youth in Italy, spent between watching classic movies, sitting in the back row during plays at his Father’s theatre, and falling asleep in clubs to the sound of his Mother, singing jazz standards. Slow Shiver’s (AKA Valente Bertelli) goal is simple: to bring back the unapologetic vulnerability of male pop singers, and make art through the creative eyes of his 16 year old self.


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